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Every project begins the same way – with a good design to provide the blueprint for every inch of the space, allowing all trades to complete each task to the highest standard.


This is where the Bubbles Bathrooms expert design team can work its magic. Our team of designers have regularly won prestigious awards at state, national and international level; accolades for perfect form and function, and tailored solutions that couple beauty with longevity.

Your one-stop-shop for the best designers in Australia.

A well-designed bathroom doesn’t date, it adds value to your home, with pleasure and comfort for the long term.


Our A – Z Service. Crafting both form and function to ensure your bathroom solution lasts and looks as good as it should for the long term. Let us take care of everything for you, from the initial planning and design stages, making sure all those key details are right, till your masterpiece is complete and you can slip into your new bathtub.

We can build you the bathroom of your dreams!

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