• Hawthorn, Sercombe Grove
    Hawthorn, Sercombe Grove
    Hawthorn, Sercombe Grove
    Hawthorn, Sercombe Grove
    Hawthorn, Sercombe Grove
    Hawthorn, Sercombe Grove

    Hawthorn, Sercombe Grove

    The new bath was placed centrally in space under the expanded new rear window, which became the feature of bathroom. A water feature, custom made, was placed on a new rendered wall, built in front of existing timber fence, built long enough ensuring total privacy from the adjacent property. When bathroom door was left open, the bath and water feature create a lovely image.

    Vertical and horizontal themes were used through out the space. Windows and mirrors, placed at seemingly random heights, reflect light and movement around the bathroom.

    On the right side of bathroom, 2 wall-hung basins are placed, with exposed plumbing, hanging proudly over custom-built cabinet. This houses one large drawer, enveloped with same stone as on floor.

    Mood of bathroom encompasses warmth and softness through use of jarrah timber, Aegean brown marble floor tiles, fully tiled walls in off white colour with a combed texture. Even the outdoor water feature is copper and brass backed by cream travertine.

    On the left side of bathroom is the walk-in shower. The rear forms the wall for separate toilet and splashguard is glazed glass panel.

    As the only bathroom and toilet for the home, (with a family of 4) it was imperative to separate the toilet into its own space. The bathroom, a square space, enabled us to bring the toilet to the front of the room, build a wall, and that became the wall at rear of shower. Continuing the glazed wall of the shower, to become end wall of toilet, and angling it at 150 degrees, gives the internal space of toilet a more spacious feeling. By using a wall hung hand basin, it not only utilizes the small space perfectly but matches in with bathroom basins

    Designer: Royston & Owen

    Basin: Arlingford House Astro

    Tap ware: Ovollo

    Tiles wall: Spectra Beige 250 X 400 laid 1/3 brickbond

    Tiles Floor: Agean Marble

    Tiolet: Arlingford House Cetus

    Bench top: Agean Marble

    Cabinetry: Custom made & designed solid Jarrah

    Water feature: Custom designed

    Bath: Kohler Presquile